Easa module 9 eassay quentions

These data are used to disclose trends and, where necessary, implement action to reduce the likelihood or criticality of further errors. Describe in detail your actions after finding a landing gear strut low.

You are a Part company - what audits would the quality department need to carry out to retain the company approval. This means in poor light levels we see only in black and white and shades of grey. To do this, the situation awareness cues that are taught must be tailored to fit the maintenance environment using MRM-specific simulations.

Error management seeks to: There were staff shortages Time pressures existed All the errors occurred at night Shift or task handovers were involved They all involved supervisors doing long hands-on tasks There was an element of a can-do attitude Interruptions occurred There was some failure to use approved data or company procedures Manuals were confusing There was inadequate pre-planning, equipment or spares.

Human Factors – EASA part 66 module 9

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Physiological symptoms - such as sweating, dryness of the mouth, etc. Describe the procedure to refuel a medium sized passenger jet Include all safety checks that should be observed. These data are used to disclose trends and, where necessary, implement action to reduce the likelihood or criticality of further errors.

Engineers do not work alone, they work in a system with an organizational culture. Health effects - such as nausea, headaches, sleep problems, diarrhea, ulcers, etc.

10 page essay questions and answers easa module 9

The personnel available throughout the whole job allowing a contingency for illness The most appropriate utilization of staff considering an engineers specialization, and strengths and limitations Availability of parts and spares. Mark the uncompleted work. With regard to circadian rhythms, expand on the following: Ultimately, safety culture is an amalgamation of the attitude, beliefs and actions of all the individuals working for the organization and each person should take responsibility for their own contribution towards this culture, ensuring that it is a positive contribution rather than a negative one.

Good eyesight is of prime importance in visual inspection. The aim of human factors is to optimize the relationship between maintenance personnel and systems with a view to improving safety, efficiency and well-being Human factors include such attributes as: Describe the procedure for placing a medium sized aircraft into storage for 6 months.

Describe the different methods of de-icing an aircraft. Stress Management - defense or coping Defense strategies involve alleviation of the symptoms taking medication, alcohol, etc.

The maintenance environment, thought hectic, changes slowly relative to flight operations. Memory can be considered to be the storage and retention of information, experiences and knowledge, as well as the ability to retrieve this information. 10 page essay questions and answers easa module 9.

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Easa Part 66 Module 9 Essay Question

Describe circadian rhythms (8marks) Circadian rhythms occur every 24 hours; an example of a circadian rhythm is the sleep-waking cycle. We are diurnal animals who are active during the daytime and asleep at night, other animals are nocturnal they are active at night but asleep during the day.

Easa part 66 module 9 essay question factors do for system maintenance (EASA Part heaven) May 7, -Con Part 66, list the custom categories and what each adds the holder to do.

EASA part 66 MODULE 10 Essay Questions

Here is a list of more invoices for Module 7, 9 and If easa part 66 module 9 essay question need any help in Aviation - EASA bonuses Aircraft manuals then. Module 9: Human Factors Essay Question & Answer by cloon_9.

9. 2 Human Performance and Limitations Vision One of your engineer was diagnosed with 'hypermetropia'.4/4(9). Module 9 Essay Questions Module 7 Essay Titles Discuss the methods of protection against HIRF and the checks/inspections which would be carried out after a fault was entered in the tech log.

On carrying out a system check of a stall warning system it is discovered that the.

EASA part 66 MODULE 9 Essay Questions

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Easa module 9 eassay quentions
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