Ethnic conflict in assam

At least 30 vehicles were damaged in the incident. Pakistan would not have been able to foment insurgency in Kashmir had the Kashmiris been fully content to remain within the Indian Union. My Name is Jahanara is based on accidental research of sorts — from the many conversations Basumatary had with her friends, family and local population of Kokrajhar when she visited post riots.

Violence has claimed thousands of lives in Kashmir, while Hindu-Muslim riots in Gujarat and Mumbai have become fairly routine. But equally important is that the drawn medium can offer a different way of seeing.

In the story, told from the perspective of Jahanara, a survivor of the ethnic conflict between the Bodos and Bengali Muslims, the narrative might seem like a simplistic explanation of all that plagues the history of Assam, bloodied by frequent riots over territory and ethnicity.

The story of Assam’s Bodoland, in pictures

Since religious and tribal manifestations of ethnic identities are discussed elsewhere in this encyclopedia, this article will focus on the broad cultural constructs that define ethnic identities.

The first volume of First Hand consisted of reportage, commentaries, anthropological works about similar topics. Singh visited the district of Kokrajhar to observe the situation on 28 July and offered support to the victims.

The Indian State of Assam: Origins and Causes of Conflict

To understand ethnic identity in the Indian context, however, one must view them as constructed identities, buffeted and shaped by historic and sociopolitical events. The tensions between the two parties mounted to dangerous levels of violence.

Ethnic communities have in turn regularly organized under the banners of ethnic parties. Assam and the Northeast were poorly integrated, first into the British Raj, and later into independent India, and were populated by many hill tribes that had a distinctive culture from that of the plains of Assam.

Rajiv GandhiIndira's older son, succeeded his mother as prime ministerthen signed an agreement with Sikh Sant Harchand Singh Longowal, the Akali leader who had been marginalized by the militants. Moreover, illegal migrants are able to easily obtain forged citizenship documents, enabling them to vote and access government services.

Ajai Singh reported that close to 6, Bangladeshis enter Assam every day. Policy Recommendations The Central Indian Government and State Government in Assam must take all necessary steps to fully rehabilitate the victims of the recent riots and ensure the safety of all communities in the state going forward.

Other large and numerically dominant ethno-linguistic groups soon followed, and byethnic agitation had spread far and wide. India's Constitution did not define the criteria by which India's federal units were to be created.

The second, My Name is Jahanara, is a fictionalised account of a Muslim woman who lost her home in the Bodo-Muslim conflict, and the third, Aap Ke Sewa Mein, focuses on the role of the government agencies in the said riots.

The former are part of the Indian heartland, the latter frequently share kinship and identity with fellow ethnics across the borders. This is evidenced by the existence of a large number of regional and provincial political parties, which regularly win elections and form governments in India.

Militant Kashmiris found ready help in terms of arms and money, training, and safe sanctuaries across the line in Pakistan and returned to attack Indian army troops in Kashmir. According to Hassain, a person named Anvar first sent him the message.

Immigration, ethnic conflict and political turmoil : Assam, 1979-198

The British absorbed these kingdoms into their empire bybut for the most part ignored the ways in which local communities defined themselves. Crime Branch sources said the police are probing the alleged role of "outside agencies". Building Democracy in South Asia: The Indian state of Bengal, parts of Assam, and Bihar, as well as what is today the nation of Bangladesh, share scores of dialects derived from Bengali.

Similarly, Muslim militant organizations have reportedly proliferated in Assam in recent years, with some demanding the creation of a separate Muslim state.


From to the mids, India enjoyed a period marked mostly by ethnic cooperation, but from about that spirit of compromise had all but vanished. Several characteristics of ethnic demography and political economy can be offered as explanations.

It was only after the Treaty of Yandaboo in between the British and the Burmese that Assam came under British rule thereby including it as a province in British India.

In India today, poor governance and the maldistribution of resources and employment opportunities have become potent causes of ethnic disaffection.

MINORITY RIGHTS AND ETHNIC CONFLICT IN ASSAM, INDIA ROBERT C. GoSSELINK* How will this nationality, the Assamese, be able to keep its numeri­ cal position as the majority in Assam in the face of uncontrolled. ethnic conflict in assam Of the three conflicts mentioned, Assam has attracted the largest attention of late.

Not since the partition of India have so many people been killed and uprooted as a result of ethnic or communal violence. Assam violence; The violence took place in districts of Kokrajhar (top left, Ethnic tensions between Bodos and Bengali-speaking Muslims escalated into a riot in Kokrajhar on 20 July"BODO-MUSLIM CONFLICT in ASSAM – Historical Roots".Location: Assam, India.


Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi, recommended a CBI probe into the clashes in BTAD and Dubri districts and claimed "internal and external forces were at work". On 7 Augustthe Centre ordered CBI probe into the continued ethnic clashes in the state. The ethnic conflict in Nagaland, in northeastern India, is an ongoing conflict fought between the ethnic Nagas and the governments of India and Myanmar.

Nagaland inhabited by the Nagas is located at the tri-junction border of India on the West and South, north and Myanmar on the East. Why Ethnic Conflicts Recur in Northeast India?

January 19, In a whirlwind tour covering Assam, Nagaland, Manipur and Tripura, the PM coined a new acronym ‘NEZ’ – Natural Economic Zone for the region to be developed through economic corridors to South East Asia.

Fourth: most ethnic communities in the Northeast depend on.

Ethnic conflict in assam
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