Peaceful warrior

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Prologue "While conducting your secret investigations as a rookie Time Patroller, you suddenly received a transmission from Elder Kai.

Chronoa states she didn't expect them to run into Lord Beerus and that they really cut that one close. However Frieza held back causing a voice to admonish Frieza for thinking of his own safety at a time like this then stating he always was weak.

Trunks is ashamed that he fell into Towa's trap, and he and his partner says they will go after Towa and Mira, leaving the Future Warrior to repair history. Frieza orders Zarbon and Dodoria to chase after them. Socrates instructs Dan to take up celibacy, consume only light food and avoid intoxicating substances.

As history is repaired, Gohan is left to fight Cell. And gods help her, she tilted her hips so it could surge home.


All I need is time. Take out the trash.

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Captain Ginyu, impressed with Turles' actions, tries to recruit him into the Ginyu Force, but Turles declines. After observing things going inside the rift they are investigating the warrior gets a call from Elder Kai who informs them that they have been selected to take part in the critical mission.

With their new flying license the warrior is permitted to legally use Flight in Conton City allowing them to explore out of reach areas and access the Travel Shop robot in the Mushroom District which is located high atop one of the giant mushrooms.

Chronoa suspects that Cooler was brought from another period in time to aid his brother, similar to Turles and Slug. Trunks offers the Future Warrior his help. Already pining for him to return. Xeno and his legendary partner standing at the top of the steps.

Xeno notes that Chronoa and Elder Kai have told him that they are quite capable and that they are a cut above the rest. That was the choicest spirits.

He took the jug, turned it up. He discovers that Goku is at a disadvantage, but the original Future Warrior shows up - having seen the new Future Warrior get sucked into the rift - to assist the two defeat Frieza and Cooler with a Multiple Kamehameha.

Future Warrior (Xenoverse 2)

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Product Description. An inspirational and triumphant film about the power of the human spirit, Peaceful Warrior is the incredible true story .

Peaceful warrior
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